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You have to follow a specific curriculum and need students to reach certain learning outcomes until the end of a learning period (eg. end of semester). You limited time in class to support them reaching these learning outcomes but also want them to develop the following transversal skills:

  • Information literacy
  • Autonomous Learning
  • Collaboration and Communication
  • Creativity and Innovation
  • Digital Literacy

You want to find a way how to manage that students learn both: The subject in line with the curriculum and transversal skills.


Therefore, use the EPORTFOLIO-approach in class, as it allows both, developing skills in the subject area and the transversal skills described above at the same time. Furthermore, ensure that your lessons are learner-centred and that you as a teacher develop to be a mentor, who is advising students during their learning process. Students define their own learning outcomes at the start of the learning cycle - support them in doing so. Develop a learning strategy how to reach the desired outcomes together with the students and give them space and time for learning through collecting information, collaborating and creating. Ensure that learning evidence is collected and that feedback is given to this evidence during the learning process, in the form of peer feedback and of feedback by the teacher. At the end of the learning cycle the student uses self assessment to check if the defined learning outcomes were reached.


Students learn to be autonomous learners through defining their own learning outcomes, developing learning strategies, collecting learning evidence and reflecting on it. The learn how to cope with feedback from peer and teachers as well as how to use it for their personal learning pathway. Furthermore, through giving and receiving feedback, they develop collaboration and communication skills. Students develop creativity and innovation skills through creating their portfolios and making selections of learning evidence. Students design their own learning pathways and implement them, so their information literacy is needed and developed over time. Through working on ePortfolios also digital literacy is enhanced as a cross-over-effect. Students develop and make constant use of these transversal skills while learning within a certain subject area in accordance with the curriculum. The teacher needs to be aware of the standards, which needs to be fulfilled according to the curriculum and within this framework, students can define their own learning outcomes in line with their personal prior learning.


In the ATS2020 project a learning model was piloted, which helps teachers to design lessons in a way, transversal skills are supported. In the patterns community, experienced members help one another improve papers (such as this one), using a structured process that always first speaks about what is best in the paper (that which should not be changed in a revision).
This is followed by a period of constructive advice to the authors and is closed with additional positive comments. These sessions feel like sharing, not like attacks, even though some of the participants have high levels of ego.
This pattern is quite abstract, most of the other patterns in this language refine, extend, and implement this one.

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